Pink Flower Circles

Pink Flower Circles

Pink Flower Circles




Pattern: Flower Circles(花丸紋様)

Color: Pink(ピンク)


Qtty: Silk 100% (袷) with Lining(裏地付き)


Size: Length=125cm(着丈)

        Brest Width=60cm(バスト幅)


The original Kimono made in JAPAN(日本製着物) 

Remake in JAPAN(日本製自社工場加工)







Since Hnayagiya products are remakes of old clothes, there are products with scratches and stains. We try to repair and clean as much as possible, but unfortunately, there are some things left, so please understand. There is no problem in wearing.


Regarding overseas shipping, due to the influence of Covid19, it may take at least 2 months for your item to arrive in some countries / regions. Please note this point.

  • 可愛い花丸紋様が散りばめられてとても愛らしい印象の1枚。